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Trusts & Estates Disputes Meditation

We help both parties resolve the dispute without having to worry about the court system. We charge a reasonable fee, a lot lower than what you’d end up paying in attorney’s fees and cost to go to trial. Thus, we present to you an affordable way to get your Estate Administration or Trust dispute resolved.

Trust& Estate Administration Disputes Mediation


We provide all parties with a confidential and safe environment where you can discuss your issues with us and settle your problems in the most efficient and safest way.

Trust and Estates disputes can occur due to various reasons, but the most common types of disputes that are resolved by mediators include distribution amounts and methods, investments of Trust assets, conservatorships, estate administration issues, fighting trustees, upset beneficiaries, claims of undue influence, the use or disposition of real estate as well as others.

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Our Trust and Estate Administration mediators that have years of experience in drafting, litigating, and settling all types and complexities of Trusts and Estates effectively.

If you are looking for Trust and Estates dispute mediators, you are in the right place. Our team of Neutrals have the qualifications and knowledge of how the dynamics of the relationships involved can be a factor in Trust and Estate Administration -related disputes, as well as a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the same disputes and how both are important for reach a resolution both parties can agree to live with and be equally satisfied.

You can rest assured that we will listen to each party and propose a solution that works in both of your favor. So, without having to bring the case to the court, or go to trial, our Neutrals offer a confidential place to resolve the dispute in the most efficient and satisfactory way possible for the particular situation. Unlike court, at mediation the parties control the resolutions, and are in control of their own fate.

Save Your Money and Time


Our team is already familiar with drafting trusts, administering estates, probate, trust litigation, and most importantly creatively and effectively settling and resolving trust and estate disputes.

Therefore, we won’t need to waste the first half of mediation in a legal lecture. Our philosophy can be summed up as Efficiently Equitable Resolutions. 

As, such expect our Neutrals to show up at your Mediation Session up to speed on the relevant law and any current updates, letting us focus on the facts and creative problem solving where we create a solution both parties are equally satisfied with.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you hire a trusts & estates disputes mediator?

Unlike litigation, you get complete control of how you would like to handle the case and what outcome you expect. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can walk away; however, there is a high chance our specialists will resolve your issue with the best advice.

Will the mediation be confidential?

Yes, the probate dispute mediation is conducted in a confidential space so that no one knows you are working on an issue. It saves you from bad publicity. You also get peace of mind knowing that your dispute will be resolved with our neutrals without the having it leaked to the media or public.

What happens at trusts & estates disputes mediation?

You can talk to the mediator to schedule a day for the mediation. It generally takes place in the mediator’s office or other confidential settings. We work with both parties and bring the best negotiation to help resolve the matter.

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