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Shareholders Disputes Mediation

Business Ownership disputes are quite common among any kind of business entity and business industry.  No business if free of money or ego concerns, and both lead to disputes.

In California, a lawsuit is never far away, come to us for resolution prior to a filed complaint and keep the entire dispute confidential while resolving the matter efficiently.



For those that have already found themselves in a lawsuit, we are more than equipped to mediate and spend most of our time mediating disputes that have already found themselves in court and the parties are already individually represented by an attorney.  Regardless of the state, a dispute is in, mediation offers the disputing parties the best alternative dispute resolution method and the potential of reaching a satisfactory resolution.  Litigation can be very expensive for both the company and disputing owners, as taking the case to the courtroom does not only affect their reputation, but it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes destroying the business the parties are fighting over.

Given the time and financial cost of litigating a matter through trial even if the court decides in your, there is no chance the final outcome will be more in your favor, than an early reasonable settlement of the matter. The worst part is that the court can take years to conclude your matter, all while your business languishes while the ownership is infighting. These are some of the reasons why ownership disputes are better suited for resolution in mediation, than either option of litigation or arbitration.  Other reasons include control, confidentiality, and the opportunity for creative solutions that are outside the scope of what the court can impose.

We provide you with a confidential setting, where the parties aided by our Neutrals can discuss and explore creative solutions that are a hybrid of monetary and injunctive or directive in nature.

We give each party a fair chance to explain their issues and grievances in confidential caucus sessions and help find what will resolve the dispute from their perspective, and maintain each party’s 100% confidence, but it allows us to guide the resolution process to where we believe each party needs in order to reach a resolution.

Our primary goal is to find a resolution, and we do so in the most efficient and equitable manner possible.  Our mediation Neutrals seek to understand the problems and issues of each party and propose the right solutions, in the most appropriate manner, that will have the highest likely hood of succeeding and reaching resolution all can live with.

We Handle All Kinds of Shareholder Disputes

Ownership disputes can arise due to many reasons. It can be because of the disagreement over business direction, inequities in profit share, perceived inequality in workload, personal disputes or jealousy, alleged or actual violations of foundational agreements, and a myriad of other issues associated with money and running a business.

In most cases, where there is an ownership dispute it’s a complex web of monetary issues and non-monetary issues, and it’s our job to figure out what those are so we can impartially guide the parties to the best solution for their unique situation.

Whatever the situation and facts may be, you can rest assured that our professional Neutrals will find creative solutions and do what we can to bring the parties to an agreement on a resolution.

No Bad Publicity


Getting into the courtroom to resolve a dispute is not the best decision for an owner or their company. It can lead to bad publicity. You don’t want your business to be featured in the headlines.

So, it is better to resolve your disputes in our confidential setting where every matter is resolved with each party’s consent and in the safest environment.

You don’t have to worry about the news getting leaked to the media or public, we take confidentiality seriously.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shareholder Disputes Mediation?

We provide you with a confidential place where you can handle all kinds of shareholder disputes effectively.

How Does a Mediator Help?

A mediator settles the issue by presenting a solution that works for both parties. A mediator is a qualified and trained professional who settles business disputes by coming up with the best negotiation deal that works for both parties.

Why Choose Dyadic Mediation?

Dyadic Mediation offers the best and cheapest shareholders disputes mediation services. They can help resolve any type of shareholders conflict. Plus, they have a team of mediation specialists with extensive knowledge of this industry.

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