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Family Office Disputes Mediation

Family issues are not uncommon, but dragging the case to the court is not an ideal and economical option for any Family Office, nor is it good for the family relationships. The good news we can help mediate your Family Office disputes, and preserve the assets, businesses, and relationships.



Dyadic Meditation is here to help you with your family problems ranging from a simple distribution issue to a complex management problem.

At Dyadic Mediation, we like to identify the root cause of the problems or the issues that led to the dispute between family members, sometimes its money, management, respect, jealousy, and other causes.

We provide you with a place where each party can share their point of view and what’s causing trouble to them. So we can go to work and find a solution fit for all parties.

Dyadic Mediation has qualified Neutrals who have extensive knowledge of the running of family office and the myriad of issues that come with running a Family Office.

We know how to handle these cases and what should be done to resolve the issues in an effective way. Let us help resolve your Family Office disputes so the Office makes it to the next generation, the one after that, and the one after that.

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A case dragged to the court may take several years to resolve. Not every family has the time to invest in a court case, or the patience to see a case through trial.  Most Families would refer a constructive resolution that preserves the Family Office assets and see the family relationships stay intact, Meditation can do that, litigation will probably destroy that.

We offer you a away to reach the best settlement that can resolve the matter, satisfying all parties.

You can rest easy knowing that the process is streamlined, helpful, and your best bet to resolve just about any family office dispute.

Resolve Any Family Office Dispute

Disputes keep arising in a family offices. From a simple dispute to a more critical problem, our family office dispute Neutrals can handle just about any case flawlessly. For example, a brother and sister may be fighting with each other for many reasons – financial instability of the office, incompatibility with management styles, personal issues from childhood, and other problems.

Similarly, family office disputes can be due to inheritance, management succession plans, and who should get what portion of the assests.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Family Dispute Mediation?

Family dispute mediation refers to the dispute settlement by a mediator without hiring a neutral to take the case to court. In mediation, clients are given a confidential environment to share their issues and find the most appropriate solution.

Why Choose us for Family Dispute Mediation?

Our family dispute mediators have years of experience dealing with all kinds of family-related issues – from a couple seeking divorce to a dispute over inheritance. We can resolve just about any type of family dispute efficiently.

Should You Hire a Family Dispute Mediator?

There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on the court. You should rather approach a mediation neutral to have your conflicts resolved without any trouble. No matter how complex the issue is, we have the potential to resolve your case in no time.

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