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Employment Disputes Mediation

The disputes of an organization with its employees and can be managed without taking the case to court. You don’t have to shell hundreds of thousands of dollars on neutrals and court fees. Our employment disputes mediators help resolve disputes between companies and employees.



It is better to mediate with employee/employer disputes before litigation or arbitration has commenced, both parties get to have more control over the outcome, and it is far more cost-effective for both parties.  Given the time and cost of litigation and arbitration, both parties lose when going to court, especially if the case makes it all the way to trial, even if you win.  The only people who win in litigation are the attorney representing the litigants.

Our employment mediation is an alternative to the arduous process of litigating in court and much less arbitrary result than with arbitration. We help our clients by resolving their respective issues. Our team specializes in finding a common ground that works for both parties. Our goal is to settle your disputes in the most efficient and fastest possible way.  WE work equally for both parties, and we just care about resolving the dispute on hand and prevent future ones among the same parties.

We are a neutral third party with multifaceted experience in resolving employment disputes for all types and sizes of organizations. Our employment dispute mediators have extensive knowledge of the current employment and corporate laws. Not only do we have the knowledge of this industry, but we are trained to resolve just about any kind of dispute between two parties seamlessly.

We believe in a problem-solving approach, where each party gets a satisfying solution. Note that we do not and cannot force any decision, but suggest the most suitable and appropriate solutions that can work for both of you. At mediation the Parties are in control, there is only a resolution if the parties both agree to the resolution.  If you are having a hard time reaching an agreement, reach out to us with your queries and let us fix your problems.

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There’s absolutely no need to take a simple dispute to the civil court.  And if you are already in court represented by attorneys, don’t take your case to trial waste hundreds of thousands, and have no control of the outcome, let us mediate your dispute.

We help people save money by offering a solution that seems most suitable for their case, we don’t just push the two parties to the middle of their opening offers, like most mediators.

Here at Dyadic Mediation, we believe in creative solutions that work for the particular parties involved in the dispute and mediation processes.

Unlike all other mediation services, we provide two mediators at every mediation, the more minds on a matter the better the solution.  Our goal is to provide two mediators that may have a different perspective on the matter, based on their varied backgrounds with regards to the industry, the dispute, the law, and the solutions available relative to the matter at hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Employment Dispute Mediator Do?

company and its employees by suggesting an ideal solution that works in the favour of each party. We are a third-party mediation service provider helping clients deal with all kinds of employment-related issues.

What Cases Do We Handle?

that involve one or many employees. Let us know the problems you have been experiencing with the company and we will help resolve the issue in no time.

Why should You Consider Our Services?

Employment disputes can be super stressful for any organization or employees working at your firm. Our mediation service is an affordable, efficient, and fast way to resolve your employment issues as flawlessly as possible.

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